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About Us

Vastly experienced as a Singapore-based integrated water and wastewater company listed on SGX, with a strong technical pedigree refined by more than 20 years in the business, Moya Asia Limited holds a sterling track record for projects commissioned by the Singapore Public Utility Board.

Moya Asia is mainly engaged in the investment and development of total water solutions. It is in our interest to provide our customers—the end users—with a guarantee that they have access to a source of reliable clean water, any time and every time.

Moya Holding Company currently owns 54% of Moya Asia Limited in an aim to expand further into the South East Asian countries. With a proximate focus on Indonesia. Moya Asia Limited has secured two concessions in the country under contract and development by its subsidiaries, PT Moya Bekasi Jaya, and PT Moya Tangerang


The categories of solutions we offer:

Build Own Operate (BOO) and Build Own Operate Transfer (BOOT):
These are among the best long-term solutions for clients in need of an assuredly reliable water supply. The partnership approach used in these schemes allows the client and service provider to guarantee water delivery at a specific price, quality and quantity.
For schemes involving transfer, project ownership is returned to the client at end of contract duration.

State-of-the-art & Promising Technologies:
Moya is ever on the lookout for the latest advancements in water technologies as well as in related industries, and appraises the possibility for the investment, development and commercialization
of such technologies to benefit our clients, even whole countries.
We work closely with inventors and technology owners, assisting them from engineering to commissioning, and allowing them to conduct pilot testing in our plants and facilities.


Benefit for our customers and partners
Our highly-advantageous and no-nonsense approach to our total water solutions is beneficial for our customers in many ways:

  1. Reductions in various costs, i.e. upfront investment, operation & maintenance, manpower, depreciation, etc.
  2. Professionally-guided service and the best quality standards throughout construction and operation phases.
  3. Ongoing project upgrades in line with industry developments.
  4. Controlled and guaranteed water supply.
  5. Reductions in the water supply risk to customers.